Our Vision, Our Company, Our Brand

It Takes a Village

When we started this journey, we had our eyes on the prize – directing our films.

That part hasn’t changed, but we have discovered it takes a lot more to get the film to the screen than just finding a good script, rounding up a few great actors, and setting out to ‘put on a show’.

Our attorney was the first to encourage us that before we get to do the fun stuff, we had better get serious about the business. That’s what they call this industry, show business. So we’re knee deep in the process, and we’ll be blogging about it (as we can without disclosing confidential information too soon).

We still meet regularly, share a bottle or two of good wine, and enjoy each other’s company. We’ve come to learn a lot about each other during this process, and each of us has grown in respect for the others.

We’ve also taken on a group of talented women in our mentorship program, and as we get to know them better, we are more determined than ever to use this opportunity to open doors for them and women like them.

Hot Flash Films is an independent production company formed to develop and produce film and television projects.  Our strategy is to make entertaining and commercially viable, quality motion pictures that appeal to a broad audience.  We have a unique brand as a company formed by four women with diverse experience in the entertainment industry, and we are dedicated to making films that feature stories with strong female roles.

We know that women are underrepresented on the screen, and behind the scenes.  That’s not news.  Hot Flash Films was formed to be a solution to those issues because we do want to feature talented storytellers in front of and behind the camera, who can relay the stories of strong and interesting women not ordinarily seen in today’s media.


Who We Are

Martha Cotton – Directing Chancer, Forgiving Solomon Long, After the Truth
Fay Hauser-Price – Directing The Pregnant Detective
Donna Parish – Directing Martial Artiste
Kat Landsberg – Producing all of our projects

The films will be produced by Hot Flash Films, a company launched by four women from the Directors Guild of America – women who have already produced, acted, written, and directed documentaries, theater, short films, television, and film second units.

Collaboration, Storytelling, Passion and Expertise

We have reached out to our counterparts at the Writers Guild of America and the Producers Guild of America, to collaborate in creating a slate of four commercially attractive films for theatrical release.  It takes a team to bring good stories to the screen, and we are utilizing our existing relationships to make that happen.

We are passionate about storytelling, to be sure.  But we are equally as passionate about providing opportunities for the next generation of storytellers, who in turn can do the same for others.  We believe that’s how it starts – one person at a time.  That’s why we created our mentorship program and each film will have a small team of future filmmakers on board, to learn ‘on their feet.’  Read More

Hot Flash Films intends to use state of the art digital filmmaking technology.  We are all ambitious and want our films to have a rich storytelling environment, and the digital medium offers a palette of storytelling tools previously out of reach to modestly budgeted productions.

This is an innovative project for all participants, and an opportunity for the industry to strengthen its work force with dynamic and creative talent.  Hot Flash Films will ignite a firestorm of filmmakers willing to share their passion and expertise.