01 Dec 2012

Let’s hear it for the writers!

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The Daily Beast today published an article about the growing trend on cable to portray strong women, flaws and all.  These are great roles, and it’s high time women got to sink their teeth into them.  So hat’s off to the writers who created these characters.  And mazel tov to the talented actresses who are making it happen.

27 Sep 2012

It’s really gonna take a village

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The DGA issued it’s annual report card on the numbers of women and minorities directing television.  It’s pretty grim.  Women of all colors directed only 11% of all the episodes out there.  Minority women only account for 4% of those jobs.  Still.

Pretty amazing these days, don’t you think?

But look at the shows that have women directing a lot of the episodes!  Those are some of my favorites – shows like Suits, and Covert Action.  I think that says something about the quality of the work we do, when we get the shot.

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27 Jul 2012

Angel Investor Lands Again!

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We are feeling the breezes of fortune and opportunity blowing against our cheeks. And what a comforting breeze it is! An Angel has again descended, and soon Hot Flash Films will have an opportunity to get started in preproduction for an upcoming project. Stay tuned for developments.

04 Feb 2012

Casting Director Emily Schweber

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Emily has established a reputation as one of the top independent casting directors.

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18 Oct 2011

Reality Development

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Barchelorette Party, Las Vegas was the highest rating premier this year for Oxygen. Now Executive Producer Kat Landsberg is in development on a series not unlike the Real Housewives franchise. While similar, TRAILER PARK HOUSEWIVES will focus on women that everyone can relate to. Our stories will be glamorous and sophisticated, but with a slightly different flair than Real Housewives. Our women will be strong, persevering, sexy, vocal but with relatable stories. Our women will be a family, sticking together through thick and thin! Stay tuned and watch it come to fruition.

28 Aug 2011

Teaching Outreach

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Our partner, Martha Cotton, is off to Nigeria this week to teach television production. We are proud that she has been asked to help impart her knowledge of television production there. We are sure that her knowledge sharing will enrich her students, the nation of Nigeria, and herself, and by association Hot Flash Films. Can’t wait to hear about all the adventures and developments!

09 Aug 2011


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Mining the National  Black Theatre Festival for golden nuggets to develop in the lush foothills of Winton-Salem, NC. This is a premier gathering of top playwrights and actors, from all over America, with a splattering of international participants. A bi-annual celebration in it’s 22 year (11th Festival) where thousands gather to savor the latest offerings. Over 100 performances. Hmmm. Fertile ground for film development? We shall see.

11 Jul 2011


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Hope to have some good news on acquisitions and financing front real soon. Stay tuned.

08 Jun 2011

Tv Series

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Trying to make a film into a television series…..Anyone have the recipe for that?

30 May 2011

Bridesmaid BO sets tone for HFF

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Impressive show of female box office $ for “Bridesmaids” open. Expected to have $17mil cum, but raked in $24.6 mil. Go ladies! Hot Flash Films coming too.