We have a diversified slate of films written by very talented women.  We chose to do it that way because by virtue of the very variety of our content, we are mitigating the risk for any potential investor.

Our films are

  • CHANCER (Family Drama)

What would you do if your dream family turned out to be less than a dream?  Harvey and Donnie Winokur married later in life, and when infertility issues blocked the idea of adding to their family that way, they adopted two adorable infants from Russia.  It wasn’t long, though, until it became apparent that their son Iyal had real developmental problems.

It took years to get the right diagnosis for him – Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.  But having the diagnosis was just the beginning.  In the meantime, the chaos and the stress on the family caused by this child was tearing the family apart.  While Harvey struggled, Donnie fought tooth and nail to keep her family together and get her son the help he needed.

That help, it turns out, came with four feet, and a cold nose.

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  • DAILY SPECIAL  (Romantic Comedy)

High-powered New York executive Susan Haggerty, works high above the glass ceiling, is a regular at Prada, and doesn’t order from the menu.  But, her universe and her biological clock keep telling her, “You want a baby.”  So being Susan, she will stop at nothing to get that baby!

Even if it means becoming literally a “fish out of water”  traipsing across the country with her own pregnant assistant, Betsy, and finding a new love in the process.

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Based on the novel by Chris Well, this is the story of a hitman who has a change of heart. Solomon Long is sent to Kansas City to take care of some ‘problems,’ people who have gotten in the way of a mobster’s plans for their neighborhood.

When Solomon stabs the pastor of the local homeless mission, Fresno Jones, the minister forgives Solomon with his dying breath.  This sends Solomon into a meltdown – and he emerges determined to save the rest of the people on that list, no matter what the cost.

The script has been written and the film will be directed by Martha Cotton

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  • MARTIAL ARTISTE (Romantic thriller)
Take one uptight martial arts instructor; add a gay fake fiance, a funeral in a small southern town; then add a dash of romantic attraction to the new sheriff, and what could possibly go wrong?  Especially when people start ending up dead.  Is this big lug of a sheriff really as dumb as he looks?
  • MIRANDA’S RIGHTS  (Mystery)

A free-spirited private eye finds herself pregnant by the man she’s about to divorce, just as he suddenly disappears. As she begins to track him down she discovers a secret life of crime and previous wives. She must now face her toughest case yet — as well as what to do about the spark between her and her longtime boss. Will she carry her gun or her baby?

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This powerful, award-winning film tells the story of one of the greatest challenges the legal system could ever face. Dr. Josef Mengele, the infamous “Angel of Death” in Auschwitz, and one of the most wanted Nazi war criminals, turns himself in after 30 years in hiding to tell his “truth” to the world. Thus ensues a battle between conscience and evil.

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We have other projects in the hopper as well:

WHERE THERE’S SMOKE – written and to be directed by Fay Hauser Price, when a man and a woman cross cultural lines, the heat they generate can be intense.

OLD TROPHIES – the breakdown of a rodeo family.  Written by Marklen Kennedy, to be directed by Kat Landsberg.

TWO KIDS AND A BORDER – Teens from Central America head north to find mom, unknowingly carrying a priceless artifact wanted by criminals.  Co-written by Fay Hauser Price and to be directed by her.

KIDS FROM NOWHERE– a documentary where Alaskan high schoolers are tested in order to save their school.

MIRANDA’S RIGHTS – a TV series based on the feature film, MIRANDAS’S RIGHTS

We also have several reality shows in development with various networks.