Martial Artiste

Kate Long is an uptight martial arts instructor who pays back a favor by posing as the fiancée of her gay friend, Carl, and accompanying him to his Southern hometown for a funeral.  Soon after their arrival, however, Carl disappears after a night out as “Carlotta.”  When Kate turns to the local sheriff’s office for help, she’s escorted to the bus station and told to “disappear” herself. Kate does just that by taking Carl’s “drag” kit into the restroom and transforming herself into a blonde bombshell in spandex and high heels.

Unrecognizable, Kate returns to town and enlists the help of a local black beautician, Endeesha Rogers, whose brother has just died under mysterious circumstances that may be connected to Carl’s disappearance.  Meanwhile, a new deputy, Jean (as in John) Robideaux has shown up for work, arousing suspicions among the local right-wing fanatics until it becomes clear that Robideaux is dumb as a post.  Or is he?  Oddly, he keeps turning up at just the right time in just the right place, often quite literally bumping into Kate, who has fumbled her way into discovering that the fanatics are planning to blow up the nearby state prison.

Robideaux, who is really undercover FBI, is there to foil the plan and identify the perpetrators. But Kate, in her zeal to find Carl, gets herself, Endeesha and Robideaux captured and thrown into one of the prison cells where they also find Carl alive and well.  As the fanatics’ plan moves forward, it looks like Kate, Carl, Robideaux and Endeesha are set to become “collateral” damage.

In short order, however, Kate tricks the guards and springs her friends.  But the fanatics’ leader, Wiley Biggs, still plans to detonate the prison bombs from a remote location.  Kate and Robideaux chase Biggs and the detonator through crowds at the local carnival.  After a death-defying scramble to the top of the rollercoaster, Kate manages to bring Biggs and his plans to a crashing halt.

In the end, Kate and Robideaux take a slow turn around the carnival’s outdoor dance floor as fireworks light up the night.