Writers – Janice Kennedy & Susan diRende

Janice Kennedy & Susan diRende

Before moving to Los Angeles, Janice Kennedy was an award-winning playwright and journalist in Seattle.  Shortly after her move, Janice received a special WGA writer’s residency at CSI: MIAMI and an opportunity to shadow showrunner Ann Donohue for three months.  Out of that experience, Janice wrote a CSI: NY spec, Warped, that has won recognition from the Austin Film Festival, Scriptapalooza and the WILDsound Television Writing Competition in Toronto.

Other honors include the Best Television Pilot Award at the 2009 Cinema City International Film Festival for Crossroads and the Best Teleplay Award at the 2010 WILDsound Competition for her HOUSE spec, House’s Mouse.   That same year, Janice won WILDsound’s “Best Short Screenplay” award for Blink.  Another short film she wrote, Man. Woman. Blackbird., was produced by EAP Films and in 2009 was named “Best Screenplay” in the 15 Minutes of Fame Festival of Shorts where it was up against films from throughout the world.

Susan diRende began her professional career as a clown in the circus touring the US and Canada.  She came to television in Washington DC where her work as the choreographer for the WRC-TV series Our House garnered her a local Emmy nomination.  Susan has written and directed plays, musicals and operas as well as three independent feature films and a variety of digital shorts that have screened in festivals here and abroad, including Methodfest, Coolidge Shorts, GirlFEST Hawaii, The Film Festival of Colorado, and Slow Food on Film in Bra, Italy.

Susan is also the founder and executive director of the Broad Humor Film Festival, now in its seventh year of celebrating work by women writers and directors in Venice, California.  A lifelong fan of science fiction, Susan has seen her fantasy & sci-fi stories published and has written several screenplays in the genre. Her sci-fi comedy feature script, Unpronounceable, was a runner up in the International Horror and Sci Fi Screenplay Competition.

Together, Janice and Susan have written the psychological thriller The Hunting Lodge and the action-comedy Martial Artiste, which has won a number of awards including Best Screenplay from the Dixie Film Festival.