Miranda’s Rights

Written by Judith Lutz

Directed by Fay Hauser-Price

Official Movie Blog

A good mystery with a generous sprinkle of action and the spark of love is the cinematic journey that this movie promises. Through this journey, will Detective HOLLY MIRANDA carry her gun or her newly discovered baby? And will she get out of her own way to find true love in the process?


HOLLY MIRANDA’S world is turned upside down when the free-spirited private detective finds herself pregnant by her almost-ex husband, JOHNNY. A visit to Johnny’s place with the news and the divorce papers reveals an empty apartment — he’s gone without a trace.

Panic turns to indignation when her search exposes her charming ex as a man with a secret life, previous wives, and a criminal record. Holly soon discovers that Johnny’s entitled to a large portion of her inheritance if they’re still married when the baby arrives.

It’s Holly’s toughest case yet – she must track Johnny down and have him sign those divorce papers before the baby’s born…

Her longtime boss, NICK – a former cop with a soul, a brain, and a rumpled attractiveness – works with Holly to solve the mystery. Through pranks, barbs, and plenty of humor, there’s no doubt these two are kindred spirits. But for Holly, a new relationship is the last thing on her mind.

Matters go from odd to off the wall as she discovers she’s not the only one looking for Johnny – so is the FBI, a corrupt judge, and a fuming, swindled, wealthy ex-wife, who becomes Holly’s client.

As her pregnancy develops, Holly and Nick grow closer, but his protective streak surfaces and gets on Holly’s nerves. Things snowball to harrowing when she gets kidnapped, escapes, tries –with the help of the FBI – to pay Johnny off, but in the process, witnesses Johnny’s death in an explosion.

However,  the adventure is by no means over, and with the baby on the way, will Holly finally learn the truth about true love.